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CSR Europe urges new EU commission and stakeholders to build a European Pact for Youth on skills for jobs

EU policy seminar hosted by Microsoft Europe takes place in Brussels

(4 December, Brussels) Against the backdrop of Commission President Junker’s plan on growth and investment to get European citizens back to work, CSR Europe’s EU policy seminar today set out an ambitious 2016 target to equip 5 million people across Europe with the skills required for jobs in Europe’s competitive business environment.

At the Skills for Jobs seminar hosted by Microsoft Europe, there was also broad support for CSR Europe’s call to establish a European Pact for Youth to work towards setting new standards in business-education alliances to boost employability and job creation.

Together with EU policymakers and educators, CSR Europe member companies including HP, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Samsung, and Telefonica amongst others debated how to practically work together to empower young people to gain the right skills for jobs. Michel Servoz, Director General of EU Commission DG Employment emphasised the key role of businesses in private sector as innovators and job creators. As well as the pressing need for education and skills to keep pace to provide the skills required for new jobs in a modern digital European economy.

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Is Europe’s Economy Really Sick?

You cannot pick up a business newspaper magazine these days without reading some article about Europe’s economic crisis; there seems to be an almost universal consensus that Europe is sick, that its institutional frameworks and governments are unfriendly to business, and that its prospects for getting better are dim. For example, a survey answered by some 1,300 business executives worldwide that we conducted for  INSEAD’s European Competitiveness Initiative shows that hardly anyone disagrees strongly with the proposition that innovation in Europe is hampered by a lack of culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, while about two thirds of those surveyed thought that Europe was
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