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The conference will be held over two days, May 22 – 23, 2014 in Park-Hotel Vitosha, in Sofia. On the first day the speakers will deliver their presentations and lead into open discussions, while on the second day workshops in groups of no more than 20 people will be held in paralel sessions. Kindly note that workshop participation is subject to preliminary registration for each group. Besides the formal part divided into work and lecture sessions, participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, thoughts and contacts in an informal environment at the evening event.



The event aims to bring together useful knowledge gained through academic studies and practical lessons drawn from the experience of successful leaders. The expected outcome is to improve understanding of cross-cultural diversities and similarities that have strong impact on our day-to-day business life. Topics will be presented in an accessible way and through various perspectives:
– Academic studies;
– Successful practices in managing people and teams,
– Successful practices in sales and customer service in an intercultural environment, and
– Extensive experience in trainings in cross-cultural differences world wide.

The conference will be valuable for all members of companies whose business environment extends beyond the borders of the country they are headquartered in.

Practical benefits apply to:
– Managers and high level specialists in different areas expatriated from their native countries,
– People managers and team leaders,
– Sales managers and sales representatives,
– Marketing and advertising managers,
– HR managers and specialists,
– Operational managers,
– Managers of customer service centers,
– Organizational development and management consultants, and others.

Simultaneous translation to and from English will be provided during the presentations. Workshop sessions will be held in Bulgarian or English, depending on the trainer, without translation.
Special early bird offer, valid if you register until 31st March, 2014:

Full-Pass: 140 EUR
Part-Pass: 105 EUR

Special discount of 5% is given for two or more participants from the same company.

All prices exclude VAT!


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