Destination: Albania

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Travel Vacations in Albania

Sitting along the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, and bordering the countries of Montenegro, Greece, and Macedonia, Albania is the perfect destination for the Mediterranean traveler who wants to get off the beaten path, and see a new and unique travel destination. Just 70 kilometers across the Sea from the heel of the Italian boot, the coastline of Albania is awash with warm sandy beaches and sheer cliffs that fall from the Albanian Alps further inland.

Albania Tourism Map

The Albanian Alps

Called “Prokletije,” or the “Cursed Mountains,” the Albanian Alps are technically a part of the Baltic Range of Mountains, and extend from Northern Albania, through Kosovo, and into Southeastern Montenegro. Though called the “Cursed Mountains,” because their jagged and sharp peaks proved to be a curse for ancient travelers traveling through; today, the mountains are a blessing for tourists who want to see pristine and untouched beauty…

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