We Can


BOROUME (We Can) is a non-profit organisation that fights food waste by organizing the distribution of surplus food for charity throughout Greece. It was founded in January 2012 although the initial idea was conceived in 2011. At BOROUME, we believe that if the many tons of fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and cooked food that end up in the garbage every day, are instead distributed where they are needed, we will have taken a major step in the fight against undernourishment and towards decreasing food waste, in the easiest and least costly way possible.
  • Help people gain access to nutritious food.
  • Act as a facilitator between, on the one hand, establishments that want to make donations, mainly in the form of surplus food, but also other products, and on the other, those who needed most.
  • Co-ordinate the distribution of what businesses view as waste.
  • Fight the wasting of cooked food and other foodstuff.
  • Create public awareness regarding undernourishment and food waste.
  • Promote social co-operation and strengthen local community bonds.
  • Support, through voluntary work, charitable organisations in various fields.
  • Provide the unemployed with the chance to contribute to the community through voluntary work.
Source : http://www.boroume.gr/en/

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