How Much does the Digital Divide Affect Global Economics?

ICT4D @ Tulane

In two words: a lot. And it will only get worse until the Divide is bridged.  This article from Time Magazine explores the relationship between economic growth and cheap and reliable access to the internet. The bottom line is that when economies, be they rural or national, have limited and unreliable access to the internet, they are missing out on an entire economic sector at a high cost. In the past two decades we have witnessed the rise of the digital economy, whose commerce now accounts for up to 10% of some nation’s entire economies (like the U.K)- much to the chagrin of nations where access to that economic sector is limited by poor infrastructure, government instilled firewalls, or other forms of red tape.

Here I see a clear example of a paradox of the developing world: the digital economy could provide numerous benefits to developing nations (such as…

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